Kiss it better

This evening, Babess wanted to cut up her own sausage.  The only knife we have to do this with at the moment is a very sharp paring knife.  The Dad explained to her that it was too dangerous for her to do it herself, she might get cut.  He showed her a cut on his own finger (from something else), complete with bandage, and assured her that cutting your finger really hurts.

She took him seriously, and allowed him to cut up her sausage for her, then ate her meal.

Quite some time later, she said, “Daddy, how your finger?  All better now?”

“No, it’s still sore, look I’ve got a bandage on it.”

“Awww.  Poor finger.  You kiss it!” she instructed.

So he kissed his own finger, and she is convinced that he is all better now.

© UpsideBackwards 2010.


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