A hard lesson

Just after 4 this afternoon, Pearl suddenly gasped and said, “Oh no Mummy!  T is having a farewell party today and [starts to sob] I can’t goooo because I loooost my invitation!”

I looked at her blankly.  T is a girl in her class.  “Wait, what?” (I’m so coherent at times like this).  “T is having a party? Today?”

“Her family is moving to Australia, and they’re having a party, can I go?”


“Yeeees!  It starts at 7:30, and I’m pretty sure it’s at the Rex Centre, can I go?”

“Um.  Probably not.  When did you get the invitation?”

“About a month ago.”

“A MONTH?!   Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I forgoooot.  Until just now.”

I elicited the particular Rec (not rex) Centre the party was “probably” at, and scoured old class email lists, but T’s family hadn’t put their details forward.  So I had no way of contacting T’s Mum to ask what the story was.  Pearl clearly thought we should take her to the venue on the off-chance she had remembered correctly and would be welcome without an RSVP.  Not to mention that the party started after bed-time and her big end-of-year concert (for which she has still done no practice this week) is tomorrow morning.

There were tears, and quiet sobbing, and silent (and not-so-silent) pleading.

I was so frustrated.  If she’d told me even before we left school this afternoon, I could have found out some more about it, and she might have been able to go.  T has been a good friend at school and will be missed.

Perhaps next time she gets an invitation she will tell us about it before the day of the event…

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One Response to “A hard lesson”

  1. Marita Says:

    😦 but such an important lesson to learn too.

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