Pearl had her end-of-year concert this morning, for her music school.  We had to be there very early to tune the harp (tuning nine harps takes quite a while!), so we got a car-park right outside the concert hall.  Definitely worth it!

Her first performance was in the choir, where she sang beautifully and proudly again.  We did have to sit through a 20-minute performance by two percussion classes first, though.  I hope none of my children ever wants to learn the drums – I do like a nice melody.

Nearly an hour after the choir, it was the harps’ turn.  Wow, they sounded good!  They all played together, and the beginners just picked out the tune, while the more advanced students and the teacher played harmonies and ornamentation.  It was very very well done.

And nearly an hour after the harps, she went up again to play her violin.  I thought the violin teachers did a wonderful job, they have about 80 students to get up on stage and playing – they did it in about five groups.  The three teachers are completely unflappable, which is a Very Good Thing when you have 80 stressed 5-13-year-olds to marshall.  Pearl played reasonably well, especially given that she has done absolutely no practice for a couple of weeks.  She was unhappy at the end, but one of the wonderful teachers took time to comfort and congratulate her, and her choir teacher slipped her some lollies, so she was soon happy again.

I was sad to give the harp back, it has been very cool having it in the house, and I love to listen to it.  But I am very much looking forward to a “do-your-practice” nag-free summer and 2011.  Fingers crossed for a revival of interest in the future (in playing, that is, not nagging).

(ps – for family – we recorded her performances, so you can look forward to seeing and hearing them yourselves when we next see you!)

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