Listen to the water

We took the children to a Christmas magic show this afternoon, and decided to try a nearby family-friendly restaurant for dinner afterwards.

It was a disaster.

Babess followed me to the loo, then escaped and was running loose – only for a few heart-stopping seconds before I located her, but it felt like longer, and the wait-staff (although cheery) can’t have been happy to have a miniature tripping-hazard running around unsupervised.  When I found her and took her to our table, Fainjin was wailing because he had wanted to go with me too (lucky me!), and didn’t want to be in the restaurant at all.

Pearl moaned that she didn’t like anything on the menu, and said loudly “Then I’m not eating ANYTHING.  I will wait OUTSIDE.”  It fell into one of those natural pauses in all the conversations around us, and seemed to echo through the dining room.

Babess was trying to wriggle from my clutches so she could run around the restaurant again, and Fainjin was loudly trying to wriggle from his father’s clutches so he could climb on me.  He would undoubtedly have shoved Babess aside in frustration.

We were *that* family in the restaurant.   The one where you try not to look over at them, and silently thank your lucky stars that your children are nothing like those.

We decided to get our meals to take away (fortunately, that was an option).  The Dad took Pearl and Fainjin outside to run around and do their moaning out there, and I kept Babess with me.  While we were waiting, I noticed a sign above the tap on the wall behind the bar.

The water from this tap often comes out


Use with caution!

Next time, instead of telling off the kids myself, I’ll ask for a glass of the scolding water to do it for me.  Perhaps they’ll listen more to that.

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One Response to “Listen to the water”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    Oh we have so been that family. I need some of that scolding water 😀

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