Babess woke at 4:20am today, needing a “snuggle in Mummy’s bed”.  We think she was cold.  Actually, she was cold, we know that, it’s just we think that’s what woke her.  It was cooler last night than it has been for quite a while, the central heating was still off for the renovations, and she has a habit of wriggling out of her pyjamas and kicking off all her bedclothes.

So, The Dad and I were feeling a little less than sharp as we drove to work this morning (because Babess did not go back to sleep in our bed, and neither did we).  This meant we had more-than-usual difficulty picking up on what Babess was saying to us – not helped by the fact that she was clearly tired too.

“I want a kah-gah.”

“A cuddle?  I’ll give you lots of cuddles when we get out of the car, but I can’t while we’re moving, ok?”

“No!  A kah-gah!  I want a kah-gah!”

“A cracker?!”

“No!  A kah-gah!”

“A… kah-gah?”

“No!” (crossly) “A KAH-gah!”

“Ummm, what does it look like?”

There was a small pause for thought, then rather mournfully, “It looks like a kah-gah.”

The Dad and I exchanged glances.  We tried not to grin.  Neither of us had a clue.  Then I had what I thought was a bright idea.  Her brother often understands her better than we do.

“Fainjin, what does Babess want?”

“A kah-gah,” he said.  Oh dear.

“What does it look like?”

“I don’t know!” he laughed, “I don’t know what it is!”

We never did figure it out, either.

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