With a fire-engine cake, of course

Fainjin has never really had friends over here to play.  He does spend all day all week with them, so I don’t think he’s missing out!  But he’s also only ever had “family” birthday parties – and this year he didn’t get one at all, because we were sick.

So we thought that this coming birthday, perhaps he could have a “real” party.  With friends.  I’ll make a cake (I usually do, he just missed out last year), and we’ll have party food and the kids can run around outside together for an hour or so.

Rather than ask him whom to invite, we asked his teachers who his friends were, and quickly had a list of five invitees.  We had thought four, for his 4th birthday, but it’s not that big a deal.  Also, there’s a high chance some people will still be away on holiday, so it’s good to have some wiggle-room on numbers.  I wrote out the invitations last night, and had them ready for day-care this morning.

Then I remembered that we hadn’t told Fainjin what we were planning.  It might be a bit odd if other kids started saying “I’m coming to your party!” only to have him say “What party?”…

“Fainjin!” I said, “We thought it might be nice to invite some of your friends over to play here on your birthday, and we can have a little party!”

“No!” he scowled.  “I don’t want to!”


“Why not?  Wouldn’t you like a party for your birthday?  And have your friends come here to play with you?”

“No!  ‘Cos it’s my birthday and not their birthday!”

Ah.  I can see his point.  We had a chat about it, and I think he’s come around to the idea.  I’m pretty sure he’ll enjoy showing off his fire-engine collection.

Oh yes, he also wants a fire-engine to come here for his birthday… Hmmm…

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2 Responses to “With a fire-engine cake, of course”

  1. Jason Says:

    My eldest who is 6 is in a way similar, he just didnt want to have a party at all. We came up with a compromise of inviting some friends of his bowling and for some food afterwards. I actually think some children see a home party as some kind of territory invasion of sorts. Sometimes a party at a venue can be very beneficial to at least let them interact with thier friends and have a great talking point for a while afterwards.

    • Kate @ upsidebackwards Says:

      Thanks for your comment, Jason!
      These are children who see each other every day in another venue already. I think for four-year-olds, a small party at home is a great way of learning to be a host and share one’s territory appropriately – preparation for the more intense (one-on-one) play-dates which will come in the school years. It’s also more affordable, of course!

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