Pearl and I went carol-singing tonight.  Our town has an annual “carols by candlelight” event – a misnomer, for the most part, as the candles aren’t really needed until almost the end.

I know some of my northern-hemisphere readers are curious, so I will say, yes.  We did sing “Winter Wonderland” and “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas”.  While basking in late-evening sunshine.  No irony there at all

It was a great event.  The crowd was friendly and happy, the weather was lovely, and the band was good.  I could have wished for a little less rock, perhaps, but we will undoubtedly have more traditional carol-singing sessions in the next 9 days (eeeek! only 9?) so I can have my a cappella Silent Night fix.  Pearl was, if anything, even more disapproving of the drums and electric guitars than I was, to my amusement.  But she still managed to enjoy herself, and surprised me by knowing all the words to Winter Wonderland.  I embarrassed her by singing along with Snoopy’s Christmas and (in the pre-carols entertainment) I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles).

A highlight of the evening was the lighting of the Christmas tree – of course we had to wait until about 9:15pm to make the lights visible!  It was then the candles and glow-sticks started to appear, too, transforming the crowded park into a fairy-land of singing families.

Christmas is definitely coming.

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