Babess loves to carry things around in bags.  She’s forever filling up little play-bags with bottles for Baby, or “picnic” stuff, or just blocks, and moving them from one place to another.  A transporter, that girl, for sure.

So when I pack for us to go away, I try to do it when she’s not around – or at least not awake.  She looooves suitcases, or as she calls them, “supercases”.  They are full of treasure that you can take out and move elsewhere when Mum’s not looking, and then you can stash your own treasure in there instead.  If I didn’t keep a close eye on her, we would be travelling without underwear but with a nice set of cushions and a plastic tea-set.

Luckily, The Dad and I packed all the Christmas presents in one suitcase and locked it.  Otherwise some family members might get rather more surprised than we intended on Christmas morning!

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