Never smile…

Yesterday was the highlight of our trip, as far as Fainjin is concerned.  Yes, the long-awaited trip to the crocodile farm!

Christmas Crocodile

The Christmas Crocodile... for exceptionally naughty children?

We saw lots of crocodiles, mostly salt-water crocs but one or two freshwater ones (Johnson’s River Crocodiles) too.  The tour guide was enthusiastic and amusing and pretty much put everyone off ever wandering near or around water ever again.  It’s amazing how a humungous crocodile can hide in knee-deep water.

Babess was quite concerned about one croc, which was just emerging from its lagoon.  “Dat cwocodile all wet!” her big eyes full of concern.  “He needs a towel,” she remarked seriously, to the amusement of all around us.

We saw crocodiles lunge out of the water to be fed, and snap at each other as well as the staff.  We were warned to keep fingers, chins, elbows and everything else on our side of the fence – and careless photographers who edged their cameras “just a little bit closer” were quickly reminded by staff.

croc feeding

Doesn't that fence look rather... flimsy?

At the end of the tour, there was a chance to pat or hold a baby crocodile.  Pearl gladly posed with it, but Fainjin didn’t want to.  “I don’t like crocodiles any more,” he explained.  “‘Cos crocodiles are scary and I only like nice animals.”

That was a bit of a worry, as we had sneakily bought him some birthday presents at the gift shop, but he has changed his mind again this morning and decided he still likes crocs after all.

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