Getting the hang of Christmas morning

Fainjin was the first to wake on Christmas morning.  He had developed a habit of almost-sleepwalking into our bedroom and snuggling next to me to wake up properly in the mornings, so I wasn’t too surprised to see him wander in.  It was about 6am, so I spoke to him (usually I leave him be to keep sleeping).

“Good morning!”


“Merry Christmas, Fainjin!  It’s Christmas today.  Did you get any presents?”


“Oh, I think Father Christmas might have been.  Want to go and check?”

That woke him up.  “Yes!”  he wandered back to his bedroom, then came back to report, “Nope.”

“Really?  I think you need to check your bedside table.”

Back again, “Nope.  No presents.  Only by Babess’ bed.”

I went with him, pointed out the parcel and helped him read his name.  He went back to our room and told The Dad that there was his name, but no present!  Finally, I had to practically force it into his hands and tell him it was his present and he should open it.  Once he caught on, he was very enthusiastic, especially as it turned out to be one of his favourite books, Leonardo The Terrible Monster.

Thankfully, getting the girls to open theirs was much easier!

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One Response to “Getting the hang of Christmas morning”

  1. Stimey Says:

    That’s hysterical. Eventually you won’t be able to stop him. 🙂

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