A fire-engine birthday

Fainjin is four.  My lament that his days of threedom and going fourward are over was matched only for groan-worthiness by Uncle G’s asking whether he got any new four-engines…

Of course he did.  His gifts fell into three broad categories: Lego, crocodiles, and (wait for it) fire-engines.

LOTS of lego!

crocodile hat and bionic claw

Unintentionally hilarious instructions

Quote of the day is from The Dad, on seeing the Bionic Claw: “Great!  I’ve always wanted one of these!”

Fainjin got not one, but two fire-engine bubble machines.  They move around and sound their sirens incessantly and blow bubbles from their water cannon.  They are both the same brand, but different fire engines, so that worked out well (although noisily).  In addition to the “bubbles liquid infusion sketch map” telling you to “remove the fim”, the bubble mix has this:

Infunde a full minor lattice every time

And even better than the noisy fire-engines, the fabulous Auntie B made this:

Isn't she amazing?!

It was the hit of the day!

We had a family morning tea, with Nana and Poppa and Auntie B and cousins, then a “real party” in the afternoon.  Only one of his friends from daycare could come,  but even that worked out quite nicely, keeping things low-key for his first play-date/party.  The kids played with Lego and ate party food, while the adults ate slightly different party food (chilli roast beef and spinach sandwiches, nut pies) and chatted.

After the party, the kids watched a DVD while I “helped” Fainjin put together the huge Lego crane.  That is, I had a great time playing with his Lego while he watched the DVD and occasionally came over to see what I was doing.

I think we all had a good day.

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3 Responses to “A fire-engine birthday”

  1. Marita Says:

    That sounds like a fabulous birthday. Must say unlovely buying myself some new Lego under the pretense of getting it for my children

    Happy Four Fainjin.

  2. whymommy Says:

    Happy Birthday (a tad late) Fainjin! You and Little Bear could be twins, you’re so alike! We had a very Lego Christmas, and we’re having a birthday party next week – the theme was tied between matchbox cars and fire engines, so we’re going to race fire engines. 🙂

    What a wonderful cake!

  3. Café Chick Says:

    What a gorgeous cake! We now have nephews that are fire engine crazy courtesy of a bubbling fire engine toy that makes a great noise (and soapy mess) … at which stage we leave it with them to take home and watch their parents grimace! 😉

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