My first bloggy meet-up

I write this blog for the benefit of far-flung family, so that they can feel they somehow “know” their grandchildren, nieces, nephew, and cousins.  It’s also aimed at our many scattered friends, and to some extent saves me writing lots of catch-up emails through the year.

But more and more I find that I have joined a community of bloggers.  We read each other’s blogs, leave comments, and form friendships, although we have never met and might never do so.

While we were in Melbourne I had the great privilege of meeting one such friend, Marita (@leechbabe) from Stuff With Thing.  We arranged to meet in a central-city playground, which was the perfect setting.  Our kids were itching for a run outside after a week in rainy Queensland, her girls love that playground, the weather was gorgeous, and Marita and I could natter away while the children occupied each other.

Happy kids and sunshine

Having arrived in Melbourne just the night before, we were ill-prepared in terms of snacks, but fortunately for us Marita had packed a wonderful picnic for everyone, an act of foresight and intelligence as well as generosity that had me regarding her with awe.

Her girls played beautifully with our kids, sharing a fabulous baby doll with an enchanted and envious Babess, and showing Pearl and Fainjin the best trees to climb and places to hide from parents when it’s time to leave.

Thanks, Marita, for everything – including the fact that I now have one more reason to visit Melbourne again!

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2 Responses to “My first bloggy meet-up”

  1. Marita Says:

    It was wonderful to meet you and the family in person :).

  2. Stimey Says:

    So fun! I’m jealous of the meetup AND the warm sun!!

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