Melbourne highlights

Oh, there were so many.  We had three days of perfect weather, and one day of being in a blast furnace (40 degrees Centigrade, dry, and windy, like standing in front of a fan heater all day).

We had a lovely apartment in Docklands, with great views from our bedroom of the marina, and from the living area of the tram stop:

Trams! Free entertainment every 10 min!

The free city tram stopped right outside our door, it was great.

The kids – especially Babess – loved the clock in Melbourne Central, which plays Waltzing Matilda and comes to life on the hour.  We managed to see it in action twice.

Babess' "Big Clock" in Melbourne Central shopping mall

You can’t go to Melbourne without having coffee and cake at Brunetti’s. Or at least, The Dad can’t.  We stopped at the central city cafe, although The Dad was skeptical whether it would live up to the one in Faraday St, Carlton (it did).

Coffee, cannoli and The Age - quintessential Melbourne

Each day as we moved through the city, Pearl would point out the horse-drawn carriages, and wistfully wonder whether she would ever get to ride in one.  So on our last day, we selected one fit for a princess.  Or two princesses and a prince and their parents…

All her dreams come true

Pete & Ernie did the honours

Then of course, there was the bloggy meet-up with Marita, already mentioned.  We also had a glorious lunch with friends: sausages, kangaroo and chicken on the barbecue, beautiful fresh salads, home-made lemon cordial, and the most fabulous raspberry meringue sponge cake.  Mmmmmm.  And with friends, wonderful friends who had the perfect toy-box for the kids and were so easy to spend time with even though we only see each other every few years (as well as obviously being outstanding cooks!).

Not to forget the ice-skating.

All these things more than made up for the tired, whiny, tantrums and sheer naughtiness we were sometimes witness to and targets of.  And that’s as it should be, because the memories of the tantrums etc will fade, but the looks on the kids’ faces as they climbed into that “royal” carriage will live on in my mind.

On the other hand, the horror of Babess suddenly darting under the crowd-control tapes at Melbourne Airport and nearly ending up going as luggage to who-knows-where as she tried to climb on a check-in conveyor belt will take a while to fade…  but I’ll be ready next time she makes a break for it!

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