Holiday planning

From Monday, Pearl and I will have three weeks of “big girl time”, after The Dad returns to work and the little ones to daycare, and before school starts for the year.  It’s our habit to make a list of things we want to do and see during the holidays, so that we don’t forget anything.  Also, there are brainless days where we can’t remember what we wanted to do, so it helps to have things written down.

Our lists are a little different.  Mine has lots of cleaning on it – not so much a “want to” as a “must do” list.  I tried to put “tidy bedroom” on her list, but I suspect it will drop off the bottom somehow.  Hers has movies and playdates on it.  We both want to go to the library and to see the planetarium’s new show (voiced by David Tennant!).  I have a list of quilts that “need” to be made; she wants to go to craft camp again (that could fit in quite nicely).  I think we should try to go for a long-ish walk about once a week; she wants to work on some maths worksheets and do more Latin.

I’m hoping we can make the three weeks a good balance of activity and sloth, brain-time and down-time, creative pursuits and enough cleaning that I can go back to work in February with a sense of accomplishment.

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