The other day, The Dad and I decided we needed to wear the children out.  They haven’t really adjusted back the 2-hour time difference between Melbourne and here yet.  That’s lovely in the mornings, when they all sleep until 8am, but it makes bed-time a nightmare.  They’ve also been playing with the Lego a lot, which is great and creative and cooperative and all that, but not very active, and four-year-old boys in particular seem to need action to keep things in balance.

So I packed a picnic, and we headed out into a fine but windy day to explore some nearby playgrounds.  We drove past our usual haunts in search of variety, and found some really good places.  But Fainjin was looking for more.  He really liked the playground we visited on our first day in Melbourne.  It had a slide shaped like a dragon – in the photo in this post, you can just see the dragon’s head. Every time we say the word “playground” now, he asks whether we can go to the dragon playground.

We’ve explained to him that it’s very far away, and Pearl helpfully listed all the travel he would have to undertake to get there.  He doesn’t seem to think it’s an unreasonable expedition, for a really good playground.

Now every so often we hear, “Please Mama/Dada can we go on a plane and a bus and a twam to da dragon playground?  Pleeeease?”

And when you think about it, people do “hop over” for shopping trips or weekends away.  It’s just a glorified playground trip, really, isn’t it?  The difference being that you can pay for it yourself, I suppose!

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2 Responses to “Playgrounds”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    Oh that is cute. Does he still ask to go?

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