Boundless energy

Pearl and I ran again this morning, both of us complaining mildly but still doing it.  Well, we walked quite a bit too.

Then we came home, cleaned up the kitchen, did some maths worksheets, revised some Latin, packed drinks and muesli bars, and headed out again.  “Can I take my scooter?” she asked, and looked happily surprised when I said yes.

We walked and scooted down to the beach, scanned the horizon for whales and other interesting things (just a few fishing boats), then carried on around the coast.  After about 45 minutes, we stopped at some handy park benches and ate the muesli bars.  I never noticed just how long Pearl can make a muesli bar last.

We carried on again, and eventually came to a cafe at just the right time for lunch.  Unfortunately, so did everyone else, and there were no seats to be had.  So we carried on again.  We made it to another cafe for a late lunch, footsore and weary.  By now we were in another village altogether, having walked about two hours, but within two bus rides home.  We gathered up a chocolate muffin for afternoon tea, and resolved to spend the afternoon reading our books and doing little else at home.  Before finding the bus stop, we wandered into a children’s bookshop to have a look around.

One of Pearl’s school friends just happened to be there too, and her Mum offered us a ride home.  We gratefully accepted, and before we knew it, Pearl was invited to spend the rest of the afternoon with them.  Forgetting her resolution to relax and unwind, she eagerly accepted, and headed off for a few hours bouncing on their trampoline and running around their yard.

I don’t know how she does it.  I’m especially astonished that she didn’t just fall asleep tonight – we had to tell her to settle down well after 10pm!

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