They do listen

During the Christmas break, every time we ventured remotely near the daycare centre, Fainjin and Babess would ask whether we were going to daycare.  “I want to go!” they would beg and plead, and we would say, “No, you can’t go today.  It’s closed – there’s no-one there!”  They never seemed to believe us (“Yes dere is!  Mama, dere is someone dere!”), and kept asking to go.

Then on Monday morning, as I was getting them dressed, I tried to drum up some enthusiasm from them – “You’re going to daycare today and you’ll see all your friends again!”

“Nooooo!” they chorused, mournfully.  “We don’t want to go!”

“What?!  Why not?”

Babess looked at me mournfully and almost fearfully.  “I don’t want go to daycare.  Dere nobuddy dere!”

Of course, there were buddies there, and she and her big brother have been having a fine old time – she has been falling asleep in the car on the way home every day so far!

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