The Entertainer

This afternoon, after a day playing with friends in town, Pearl and I went to daycare to meet The Dad and collect Fainjin and Babess to all go home together.

While I hunted for shoes and socks, Pearl joined her siblings and their friends in the corner, playing with wooden blocks.  She quickly organised them all (about eight 2-4-year-olds) into building a three-storey house for a small rubber bear she found nearby.  The house had several rooms, and a flat roof.  On the roof she built a “playground” – a triangular block was a slide, a semi-circular one was a see-saw, and a cylindrical block was a … um, a something-else.

To the children’s delight, she made the bear “play” on each piece of equipment, and explore his house.  Then she built a “super-slide” ramp from the roof of the house down to the floor.  She put the bear at the top, chanted “One! Two! Three! Goooo!” and let the bear roll to the bottom.  The kids laughed until tears streamed down their faces.  She did it again and again, with the little ones chanting along, and they were all having a fantastic time.  Other children came to see what was going on, and soon most of the children at the centre were gathered around her, all very well-behaved and happily playing along.

The teachers smiled.  I smiled too.  Pearl thinks she doesn’t like little kids, but she is very good with them.  If it weren’t for the pesky child-labour laws, I’m sure I could hire her out as a children’s entertainer.

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