Pearl and I went for a long walk today.  I find we often have interesting conversations on our long walks.  Somehow today we started talking about twins.

Pearl seemed to think that any two people born on the same day are twins.  And twins have to be born on the same day.

I told her about twins that I’d heard of, born either side of midnight and so having different birthdays.  She reminded me that she doesn’t consider a new day to have started until morning, so in her opinion (which is all that matters in these things!), they were still born on the same day.

Then I pointed out that twins have to have the same mother.  “What do you mean!?” she expostulated – she does not like to be corrected.  I said that if I and her Auntie B, for example, both had babies on the same day, those babies would not be twins, but just cousins.  “Yes they would!” she insisted.  “They’d be cousin-twins!”

There are lots of people born on the same day every day, all around the world, I explained, and they’re not all twins of each other.

So eventually she accepted that twins must have the same mother and be carried in her womb at the same time.  Then we ventured into tricky technical territory…

“Do they have to have the same Dad, too?”

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4 Responses to “Twins”

  1. evafannon Says:

    Too funny, I was just talking about this very topic with my 4 yo daughter two days ago. We didn’t get as far as having the same Dad, but she was under the same impression…that as long as two people had the same birthday, they were twins!

    • Kate @ upsidebackwards Says:

      Hi Eva, thanks for stopping by!
      I think the “same birthdays must be twins” idea is a common one held by kids, perhaps only those who don’t know many twins themselves… And after all, we adults confuse things for them: aren’t we likely to exclaim, when meeting someone with the same birthday as ourselves,”Oh! We’re twins!”?

  2. Bon Says:

    i always wanted a twin. 🙂

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