Jogging update

We haven’t been running every morning, but we’ve been a few times.    I’ll still never be a runner.  I don’t get the “buzz” that people talk about from exercising, and never have.  I just get sweaty and tired.  (Rather like the mythical “glow” that allegedly comes in the second trimester of pregnancy – I just got fatter and more tired).

Pearl can now run nearly all the way around the soccer field.  Today she went all the way around with only a very brief pause, and I don’t think she really needed even that.

I can run (slooow jog) two sides of the field, then I pull up and walk, puffing, for a bit before I run again.  We always go around the field twice, then down the long side once more to get back to the path.

I overheard her say to her cousin today that her goal is to finish in the first 10 kids for the race.  That would be very impressive indeed: last year’s goal was just to finish.  But she might do it.  I’m pretty sure she has more energy and reserves than she is letting on – otherwise how come she can talk the whole time she’s running?!

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