Really, Mum!

On our wanders at the weekend, we came across a Chinese New Year celebration.  I couldn’t see all of what was going on, but I could hear drumming and see a giant papier-mache head waving around.

“Look, Babess, a dragon dance!”

“No it’s not,” she contradicted.  I did a double-take, she was so sure of herself.  “It’s a lion dance,” she instructed.

It was, too.  How did she know there was such a thing, and what the difference was?!

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5 Responses to “Really, Mum!”

  1. Stimey Says:

    Children have hidden stores of knowledge. I blame the teachers.

  2. Graham Says:

    One child in every three is Chinese. Perhaps yours is Babess 🙂

  3. Marita Says:


    My girls absorb an amazing amount of stuff from teachers and educational tv.

    Add in a big sister who likes to teach her little sister and it is amazing what they come out with

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