Dare I hope?

I tried a new tactic with Fainjin’s dinner tonight.  We’ve been giving him food he will eat (pasta and cheese, or vegetable puree with crackers & cheese and pistachios) for dinner, with a “big boy plate” with tiny amounts of the family meal which we’ve encouraged him to try.  He never ever tries it.

Tonight The Dad had made his famous lasagne.  Babess took one mouthful and said “This is so yummy!” – very cute, and hopefully inspiring to her brother.  I waited until he had had his vege puree, then took a tiny (crumb-sized) amount of meat sauce from my lasagne in a teaspoon.  I sat him on my lap, and said, “Now Fainjin, you are going to try this.”

“No!” he said, and covered his mouth with his hands.

“Yes you are,” I said calmly, “and then you can have the rest of your tea.  You just have to try it.  Put it in your mouth and take it back out again if you like, but I want you to taste it.”

He tried to wriggle away, but I held him in my lap.  I encouraged him to sniff the sauce.  “I don’t like it!” he claimed, but “You haven’t even tried it!  How do you know?” I asked.

I thought we might sit in deadlock for quite a while, but after only about a minute he said resolutely, “I’m going to!”, grabbed the spoon and put it in his mouth.  I was absolutely astonished.  Of course, he immediately gagged and spat it out, but I was beyond thrilled that it had gone into his mouth in the first place.

“That’s so great!  Good boy! … Now, can you taste it again?” – yes he had spat it out, but so quickly it was barely touched.  AND HE DID!  He spat it out again, too, and before he could get upset about it I put the rest of his dinner (that he does like) in front of him.

I heaped praise upon him, and promised, “We’ll do this every night now, you can try lots of things.”

That earned me a baleful glare, but I really think we might be on a useful track here.  I’m sure there are battles ahead.  Fingers crossed!

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