Village life

Each summer, our village has a festival.  We kick off with a parade, followed by bands and bouncy castles at the park beside the beach.  Next day is market day, with a “big dig” and various cultural events.  There are photography competitions, art exhibitions, go-cart races, and organised walks.

Today Pearl and I rode on a float in the parade, waving and calling to lots of friends.  There were more people in the parade than watching it, I think, a triumph of community involvement that reminded me of the Lobster Festival in Hofn, Iceland.  The Dad, two-year-old Pearl and I were the only spectators that day as (apparently) the whole town marched in front of us!

The Dad, Fainjin and Babess waited near the end of the parade route, waving little flags and cheering.  Seeing their big sister wasn’t really the highlight for them though, because bringing up the rear of the event were two fire engines, with lights flashing and firemen handing out balloons and stickers!  Hard to compete with that.

Afterwards, we listened to the bands for a bit, the kids bounced on the castle, and we inspected the carnival games but resisted the temptations of open-mouthed clowns and dart boards.

Tomorrow there will be lots of excitement I’m sure… check back then for more!

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