Mummy’s helper

Babess can fall asleep astonishingly quickly.  Not quite mid-sentence, but close.  One minute she’s awake and talking to you, next minute: zzzzzz.

She wakes up just as quickly.  Whenever I’ve had to wake her up (which I don’t like doing, of course,  but sometimes it is necessary), she grumbles sleepily, rubs her eyes, then sits up and gets on with things.  Rarely, she is a little bit fragile for a while.

Tonight, she had fallen asleep in the car on the way home, and The Dad carried her inside.  She was bleary-eyed and still half-asleep.  Then Fainjin came in, and he had wet his pants on the way in from the car.  Poor little man was upset, so we whisked him into the shower and put his clothes in the washing machine.

Babess was quiet, and I thought she might have snuggled down somewhere (experience should have taught me otherwise, you’d think).  “Where are you, Babess?” I called.

“I here!  I getting Fainjin some clean pants!”  She had assessed the situation, and figured out how she could help.

She is such a sweetie.

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