Fainjin is unwell, so yesterday The Dad stayed home with him and Babess and I went to town on the bus.  Babess was very excited to be going on the bus, and with “just Mummy” – by which she meant, no Daddy and no Fainjin.

She trotted down to the bus-stop,happily clutching the two “babies” she had decided needed to go with us.  The bus duly arrived, and we got on.  We got a couple of seats, but the bus quickly filled up and I pulled her into my lap.

The windows in this bus were quite high, the sill just at my shoulder height when sitting.  So Babess couldn’t see out the window even when she was sitting in my lap.  I was worried this might bother her, but she was quite happy.  She talked to her babies for a little while, then started lifting them up so they could see out of the window.  Then she’d tell me what they could see.

It was fascinating.  The babies could see all sorts of things I couldn’t!

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One Response to “Imagination”

  1. whymommy Says:

    Ooh, now that’s interesting. Great imagination!

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