My heart is sad and my soul is weary this week.  The pain and misery in one of my favourite cities is hard to bear.  There are happy stories, inspirational stories, but they are all born of tragedy.  Normally a news-junkie, I’ve been found myself unable to watch the evening news on television, and skimming quickly through the newspapers, carefully selecting what I read.  The stories are too raw, too powerful, too close.

I have to say, the media are doing an excellent job of telling those stories (that I have read), and of getting information to those who need it.  They, like the rescue workers and essential services, are working in terrible conditions and under incredible pressure.

We are fortunate – we know where all our friends and family are, and they are mostly ok.  Mostly.

But life does go on, with its ups and downs, and we must keep on keeping on.  Children are an excellent distraction in times like this.  Fainjin had three days at home this week with a short-lived tummy bug: he was sick one day, and bouncing off the walls the rest of the time (there is a very sensible 48-hour stand-down from daycare after vomiting).

During this time, he discovered or re-discovered two delightful activities: sliding on the kitchen floor in your socks, and watching Diego on TV.  Diego is an “aminal wescuwer” (animal rescuer) who lives in the South American jungle.  Fainjin is much enamored of this idea and has been saying “Mummy, I’m Diego now” – although I suspect he still wants to be a firefighter as well.

He managed to artfully combine both recent passions yesterday morning, coming out barefoot to the kitchen and asking, “Please Mummy, can I have my socks on? ‘Cos I’m Diego… and Diego lives in da snoooow.”

Ah yes, the famous snows of the South American jungle!

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3 Responses to “Distractions”

  1. whymommy Says:

    Go, Fainjin, go!

    Widget had an animal rescuer birthday party when he turned four — I cut out pictures of animals from magazines and taped them to popsicle sticks, then hid them around the yard. Once the kids came, they were all given their “animal rescue mission” and sent forth to find the hidden animals. Then they came back and we talked about each! What fun that was – and you remind me, I should have a playdate like that for LB too!

    LB LOVES to slide in socks. I’m glad that’s keeping Fainjin distracted these days, and happy!

  2. leechbabe Says:

    🙂 Children can be a real balm to the soul. I remember holding Annie tight when my mother in law passed away and knowing that even with the loss of that wonderful lady things would be okay. Same when the Black Saturday Fires came through, my girls provided joy and light to balance out the horror in the news.

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