We have settled back into a term-time Saturday-morning routine.  The Dad takes Pearl out to music, and Fainjin and Babess stay with me.  Theoretically, I could take them out.  Practically, when I didn’t get to sleep until midnight and then Babess woke up and came to our bed at 1am, whereupon she proceeded to talk to me (expecting answers, no less!) for an hour before asking for help to go back to her own bed, and then Fainjin appeared and climbed in with us at 3am and wriggled and kicked me until morning… nothing very strenuous is going to happen.

They spent the morning playing with Lego and even (gasp!) watching some children’s DVDs from the library while I did housework and pottered around blearily.  After a while, though, Fainjin had had enough.  “What can we doooo?”  A short time outside on the bikes helped, but he was clearly going a bit stir-crazy.

He was more than ready for the shopping trip after lunch.  While I was getting Babess’ shoes on, and The Dad was gathering shopping bags, he put his own shoes on and disappeared.  When we went outside, we found that he had collected the bikes and scooters and put them all away in the basement and shut the door.  Then he had gone up the driveway and opened the gate.  Just one side of it, and outward where it gets stuck on the footpath, instead of inward along the driveway, but the intention was sound.  Fainjin was waiting by the car, proud that he had expedited our departure.  We were impressed, and told him so.

Afterward, The Dad looked at me.  “I didn’t know he could open that gate… did you?”

Um, no…  uh-oh!

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One Response to “Eagerness”

  1. Deidre Says:

    Sounds like quite the night!

    I remember asking my mom the “what can i dooooo” question a lot too!

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