The advantage of cuteness

Our team goal for the 2011 Relay for Life is to raise $100 per person through sponsorship or other activities.  Fundraising has of course been hard-hit by the Christchurch earthquake, as hearts, minds and wallets turn – rightly – to the victims of the disaster.  As a family, we have turned to our family and friends overseas to help out.  After all, cancer is a global problem, and one that doesn’t take any notice of natural disasters.  In fact, the Cancer Society NZ will be working even harder this year I’m sure, supporting people whose lives have been disrupted by the quake.

Pearl is outstripping The Dad and me in money raised by an awful lot. Her sponsorship is 6 times my current total, and 10 times The Dad’s.  I’ve been making chocolate fudge and selling it at work, which is bringing in a tidy sum, but the cuteness factor of simply being eight years old is hard to beat!

Please support your local Relay for Life, or consider entering a team yourself – it’s a world-wide event!

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