Pearl’s job sheet is working well for us.  It tends to work better near the end of the week, of course, as she sometimes scrambles to get enough ticks for her reward, but in general things are getting done.

It’s quite nice, actually, to have some extra things done at the end of the week.  Music practice (worth one extra tick) happens without asking, and sometimes she offers to wash windowsills for me.  I have also been known to award an extra tick for getting 100% in a spelling test, or working particularly hard in choir.

Over the last few weeks she has selected a monetary reward, and tomorrow we are going to spend her savings at the bookshop.  She has been eyeing a particular book for a while, and calculating how long it would take to be able to buy it.  I did suggest that she could see whether the book was available in the library, but she says she’d rather own it, so that’s fine.

It’s good to see her enjoying the benefits of taking some responsibility in the household.

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2 Responses to “Rewards”

  1. Deidre Says:

    I am so glad the rewards system is working out! And it’s so cute that she’s offering to wash windowsills.

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