I honestly don’t know exactly what was going on in the lounge tonight while I was cooking dinner, but Fainjin came running out to complain: “Mummy, Pearl bit me!”

This is very unusual.  Pearl does not bite – she’s eight years old, for goodness’ sake!  And Fainjin didn’t seem upset or injured, more running to tell tales.

An indignant shout came from the lounge.  “I did NOT! … And anyway you can’t even see where I did it.”

Reprimands were duly dished out, but what I really wanted to say was, “You need to learn when to stop talking!”

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8 Responses to “Self-incrimination”

  1. Captain Obvious Says:

    Ah man. Thats too funny. Reminds me of my siblings 🙂

  2. Captain Obvious Says:

    Haha can’t say that I have BUT who knows? I was a pretty active child and things like that can tend to happen with hyper kids. I was the oldest though so I dont THINK so. Its more of a younger sibling defense mechanism:)

  3. Jessica Says:

    I don’t have any kids yet…but this is an example of why they’d be so fun. Chalk one more up for the YES column

  4. leechbabe Says:

    ROFL Handy when kids give themselves away 🙂

  5. Captain Obvious Says:

    Haha love that idea! And yeah well maybe that “oldest thing” is just a guy thing 🙂

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