Writing and maths

Fainjin wrote his name today!  He and Babess were playing on the whiteboard at Nana’s house, and he wrote his name in capital letters, in mirror-writing.  Until now, I’ve only seen him write single letters from it (usually the first or last letter), or trace his name when I give it to him and call it “playing schools”.  He also wrote and identified Babess’ initial (also mirror-writing).  I was so proud, and quite surprised.

Babess, not to be outdone, was “writing” on the whiteboard, and singing.  Her “letters” are all little round squiggles, although occasionally she writes an M by coincidence.  She usually names it correctly when she’s done it.  This time, as she wrote she sang the alphabet song.  Usually she sings a small stretch of it and leaves out letters.  Today she sang deliberately, and in tune, all the way up to T before a cousin interrupted her (unaware of the half-dozen adults listening intently with bated breath in the next room!).

While we were having lunch, Fainjin came up to me, holding his hands up.  “Mummy, you do one so I can do eleven?”  He was holding ten fingers up and knew he needed one more.  I started asking him simple questions – “What’s five and five?” “Ten!”  “What’s two and two?” He would put up two fingers on each hand… “Four!”

We did this for a little while, and then Auntie B asked him, “What’s twenty and twenty?”

He looked at his fingers perplexedly, wiggled them a bit, then said sadly, “I can’t do dat one.”

She helpfully offered all her fingers and toes as well as his, but he decided the task of counting them all was just too much.

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3 Responses to “Writing and maths”

  1. eliza keating Says:

    THen ten add ten just to exhausting for him..well he did well…Eliza Keating

  2. ginia Says:

    So smart these babies are!!

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