We might need a taller gate

Fainjin wakes early each morning – like, 4am-early – and comes into our bed.  Sometimes it’s 3:30am, sometimes it’s 5:50am if we’re lucky.  He semi-sleepwalks into our bedroom, dragging his quilt, clambers onto our bed and over my feet, then insistently inserts himself between us and falls asleep.

He kicks in his sleep.

Months ago, we put a gate across his bedroom door to keep him in his bedroom at night.  Now he’s big enough to climb over it without even thinking about it – or waking up properly.

If we wake up enough (and there have been mornings when we’ve asked each other, “When did he come in?”), one of us will carry him back to his bed.  This morning that remedy only lasted half an hour before he was back again.

This is a habit we need to break.  The Dad and I need that sleep!

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5 Responses to “We might need a taller gate”

  1. Mama Bub Says:

    I’m not saying that WE do this, but I’ve known people to put a lock on the outside of their kids dor to keep them in at night. Works like a charm. Or so I’ve heard.

  2. Stimey Says:

    We kinda gave up on this. Quinn is the only one who shows up anymore. And he is quiet and pretty unobtrusive. It’s also not every night. We would probably send him back to his bed, but neither my husband nor I wake up when he arrives anymore.

  3. Asta Burrows Says:

    My lad isn’t able to climb out of bed yet, so I am happy every morning he sleeps until 7:30, not looking forward to being woken up that early in the morning!

  4. Marita Says:

    Heidi used to do this, once she was able to verbalise what she needed she came asking for ‘squishes’. The OT said Heidi was not getting enough sensory input at night. Which made it easy to solve our situation.

    Hope you can find a solution to your situation because it can be very hard to explain little foot shaped bruises.

  5. Kate @ upsidebackwards Says:

    I woke up at 6am this morning when the radio came on, rolled over and said to The Dad, “Where’s Fainjin?!” We both wondered for a moment whether everything was alright… but he appeared just a few minutes later. He had “slept in”! I’m hoping this will continue, as daylight saving ends in 10 days.

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