His favourite place

Fainjin grabbed our map book this evening as we got into the car.  “Where are we, Mummy, where are we?”

I pointed out on the map where we were, and he was thrilled.  While we drove home, he leafed through the book and claimed to have found playgrounds and “this is where we went to soccer when I was a baby” and other landmarks.

Then he asked, “Where’s Melbourne on this map, Mum?”

“Melbourne isn’t on that map, Fainjin.  Melbourne’s in Australia and we live in New Zealand.”

“Yes it is.”  His tone brooked no argument, and he proceeded to look for Melbourne.  “Here!  This is Melbourne Mum!  I found Melbourne!”

He was pointing to a local suburb.  “How can you tell it’s Melbourne?” I was curious.  Perhaps he had seen an “M” and knew that was the first letter?

He regarded the map dubiously.  “I don’t know…”  Then he turned a few more pages and decided that another map was Melbourne instead.  He claimed to have located the dragon playground and told me that Heidi lives in a story tree near there.

He’s so sweet!

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