Reading cards

Pearl came home from school one day this week full of excitement about the reading-card system they are using in her classroom.  The cards have a page or two of text on them – a story, or piece of non-fiction – then a page or two of questions.  The questions cover reading comprehension, vocabulary-building, grammar, and predicting what might happen next.

Pearl really enjoys them, and was telling me about the different levels and which level she is doing at the moment.  The levels are identified by colour.  The whole thing sounded very familiar, and I asked her a few questions.  At school this morning, I asked her to show me the box of cards.  As soon as I saw the cards, I grinned.

It’s the same reading-card system we used when I was her age!  I have to assume they’ve updated at least some of the texts, but it’s nice to know some things in the education system are tried-and-true.

I liked those reading cards too.

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4 Responses to “Reading cards”

  1. Deidre Says:

    I don’t think we had these at my elementary school. but they sounds like fun!

  2. Karen G Says:

    Hi, We used a similar reading system in the US – ours was produced by SRA or McGraw-Hill. The self-paced nature of the system seems ideal, particularly in the elementary grades wherein students within the same class may have different levels of reading proficiency. {My personal opinion, and not as a teacher}: This method gives each student a sense of accomplishment and progress, hopefully without a sense of competition.
    I initially learned to read using a system called ITA, which I now understand was a somewhat experimental approach to helping young children learn to read without dealing with the challenging spelling rules of English!
    btw, I don’t have any affiliation with ITA, SRA or McGraw-Hill… 🙂

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