By the way, Mum…

A week or two ago, Pearl was telling me about something that had happened at school.  As an aside, she mentioned in passing “Oh and we found out that I’m short-sighted, so I have to sit near the front, and…” she went on with her story as my jaw dropped.

“Wait, what?  Short-sighted?  When did you ‘find out’?”

The explanation was a bit fuzzy.  She can’t see the whiteboard very well, when all the other kids can.  There was no test as such, as far as I can tell, but she has moved desks.

So I made an appointment with an optometrist, of course.  In the last few days I have realised that really Pearl doesn’t see well at a distance – she has trouble reading signs and posters.

This was confirmed today at her eye exam.  She is indeed short-sighted, and has a very slight astigmatism in one eye.  She’s getting glasses!  One pink pair and one purple pair (no suprises there, at least).

There was a moment of comedy when the optometrist asked how long she read or worked on a computer during a day.  Computer? Hardly any.  Reading? …. hours and hours, depending on how successful she is at evading her jobs!

She’s looking forward to being able to sit anywhere in the class she likes, and I’m hoping she might find life quite a bit easier when her glasses are ready in a couple of weeks.

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2 Responses to “By the way, Mum…”

  1. Katrina @ Says:

    My oldest daughter wears glasses. She is the only one in our family who does. When she’s not wearing them, her left eye wanders out. When she wears them, her eyes are straight. It has to do with converging her vision at a far distance. Very complex brain issue. Anyway, I’m sure your daughter will enjoy having good eyesight…and I bet she’ll look sweet in her new glasses 🙂

    I saw you on Heather’s blog and thought I’d come on over to say hello!


    • Kate @ upsidebackwards Says:

      Thanks, Katrina! I took a peek at your blog 🙂 She’s not wearing her glasses in the photos, but all your children look so beautiful.
      Pearl has picked glasses which really suit her, I think. She’s going to look super-cute!

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