There has been an outbreak of probable norovirus in our daycare centre and in many other places in the last 10 days.  There have been public health warnings that the virus is not confined to specific places or groups and is now wide-spread in the community.

We were quite worried about it last week, stepping up the hand-washing and being extra-careful about not taking toys to and from daycare.  The daycare teachers cleaned every toy and surface, and temporarily ceased water-play, messy play and playdough.

By the end of last week it seemed to have played itself out in the centre and we breathed a cautious sigh of relief that our family had dodged the bug this time.

But no.  I got a call at lunchtime today to tell me that Babess was ill.  When I got there, she was being cuddled by her (current) favourite teacher, warmly dressed in fresh spare clothing, and a huge grin on her face.  She bubbled and bounced, most unlike a sick child, but was happy to come home.  She told me she was “not sicky any more, I better now!”

Fainjin, on the other hand, was envious that she was coming home early.  I knew there was a birthday party for his friend that afternoon, so was leaving him there to come home with The Dad later.  For some reason he thought Babess had the better end of the deal and said, “But I sick!  I got a sore tummy too!”

Luckily the teachers agreed that he was sick with jealousy rather than truly ill – although of course we are keeping close watch on him and everyone else in the family, this bug is very easily spread and children are such sharing creatures.

Pass the hand sanitiser…

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2 Responses to “Sicky”

  1. eliza keating Says:

    great little post..hope it gone…the ward I work in was brought to a standstill with this sickness..mmm or perhaps the patients just wanted to go home too..ELiza Keating

    • Kate @ upsidebackwards Says:

      Thanks! We made it through the night, and she still says she’s “better now Mummy”, but she is pale and fragile. Home from daycare until next week in any case. Fingers crossed the worst has passed and she’s the only victim.

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