Yesterday, Babess came home (was sent home) from daycare  short of breath.  Due to traffic woes, it took an hour for The Dad to drive her and Fainjin home, and when I heard her breathing as she got out of the car, I immediately knew we were heading for medical help.  She’s never had this kind of trouble before, and she was clearly very unwell.

The Dad dropped me with Babess at the nearby clinic, then took the other kids home for dinner – we knew it was likely to take hours.  We were seen quickly, but treatment took a while – steroids and several puffs of Ventolin (Salbutamol).  Even after that, the doctors weren’t happy and referred us to the hospital.  Another few hours – of excellent care – and we were eventually admitted to the Children’s Hospital for the night.

Poor old Babess.  She was exhausted just from breathing, had had a very late and stressful night, and one of the side-effects of Ventolin is sleeplessness.  She was getting an hourly dose through the night.  All things considered, she was very good, but there were a number of screaming meltdowns.  That had the effect of us being moved into another room, where we wouldn’t disturb other patients.

The steroids made her hungry, too, so I found myself making toast-with-jam at midnight, and 1am.  And 3am.  And 3:30am.

At 2am she was walking the corridors, her eyes like burning holes, demanding that we find some toys, in her most growly voice.  The lovely staff were very sympathetic, and assured me that she was behaving in a very typical fashion given the situation and the medication.  Of course, we hadn’t expected to stay the night, and I didn’t have any of her own toys for her (lesson learned!).

By 4:30am she no longer needed hourly medication, and gradually over the morning we stretched it out to three-hourly – the benchmark for being released to go home.  As the sun came up and the ward came awake, Babess discovered the play room – or rather she re-discovered it.  She had found it about 1am, but it was dark and closed and near sleeping, sick children so I couldn’t let her in to run off her jitters.

We spent the morning playing in there, met some of our neighbours and were visited by The Dad, Pearl and Fainjin.  We saw more doctors, and finally got the thumbs-up to come home in the early afternoon.

Babess fell asleep in the car on the way home.  I struggled not to.  Hopefully we’ll both sleep well tonight.

Hooray for the wonderful nurses, doctors, orderlies, cleaners, volunteers and other hospital personnel who work so hard to look after us, and provide cheery and comforting care in the middle of scary nights.

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3 Responses to “Hospital”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    So glad you were both well cared for. Babess has my greatest sympathy, I loath steroid medication and dread having to take it again.

  2. Melissa Says:

    Glad that the illnesses have passed now and that you only had one night in hospital. My partner had to take steroid medication for his asthma a few years ago – he hated it and just took himself off it as it made him feel so bad.

    • Kate @ upsidebackwards Says:

      Thanks, Melissa! The bug seems to have completely passed now (except for a runny nose, which is just a constant in winter in any case!), and she hasn’t needed the inhaler for about a week. Luckily she only needed one dose of the steroids.

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