Tired and cranky

We were a tired and cranky household today, especially the females.  Babess was still tired from her hospital visit and antics of Friday night.  I had almost-no sleep on Friday night, and woke every 3 hours last night to check on her.

And Pearl had the annual Girls’ Brigade sleepover last night.  She was already tired and stressed, having been very worried about Babess the night before.  She was uncertain whether to go at all, but it was just around the corner so I assured her we would come and get her if she needed to come home – and sure enough, she stayed the whole night.

It sounds like they had a great time, as usual, and little sleep, as usual.  After all, that’s what “sleep”overs are for.  Lots of sugar, jumping around, and staying awake.  (In fact, I’m sure the parents & leaders there kept it reasonable, but Pearl doesn’t react well to late nights).

So tempers were short today.  I worked hard to hold onto mine and have extra patience, and I think I did ok.  When Pearl got snappy, I gently reminded her that she was very tired and fragile but she should try not to take it out on other people.  She snarked a little bit more, but went off to be by herself for a bit.

Then she came back and gave me a hug, saying, “I’m really sorry I was grumpy Mummy”.  Awww.  I could see her trying to keep it together, too.

An early night is in order for everyone tonight!

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