More sickies

Oh dear.  It never rains but it pours.

Babess hasn’t gone back to daycare yet.  She is happy enough and seems well, but then her breath will rattle and she will cough…  I’m not quite sure whether I’m over-reacting in keeping her home, or whether I should actually be rushing her to a doctor.  Am I neurotic or bordering-on-negligent?  I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow for her.  Our doctor is lovely and always happy to see us and if Babess is well enough for daycare she will tell me so – and if she’s not well enough I think we probably need some sort of action plan at this stage.

I was going to try to take her today, but the morning disintegrated around us.  First of all, Fainjin slept in.  It’s always nice to wake up with the alarm instead of being climbed on at some ungodly hour, but you do wonder whether everything’s alright.  When I woke him, he sat up right away and asked for a drink of milk.  I sent him out to The Dad, who gave him his drink while I woke Babess.

Next thing I noticed Fainjin lying down in the middle of the hallway.  “Are you ok, Fainjin?”  He answered, “Yup” but didn’t move.  I went to look and noticed he had milk on his face.  Then I noticed a puddle on the floor a little way away.  “Have you had a sickie?” I didn’t really need his affirmative answer.

So we cleaned him (and the carpet) up and packed him back to bed, and I set about cancelling the day’s plans.  No trip to town, no playdate in the afternoon for Pearl.  No library visit or supermarket.  Thank goodness Babess and I went to the library yesterday and got a fat book for Pearl and several kids’ DVDs – more than usual but I was thinking of a cold wet long weekend.

He perked up remarkably during the day, and was soon complaining of starvation as I would only let him eat small amounts at half-hourly intervals and no dairy products.

I hope he really is on the mend and will be better soon.  We’ve had enough sickies for a while!

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2 Responses to “More sickies”

  1. Marita Says:

    I hope he is much better after a nights sleep. You really need a break from the sickness.

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