Excuse me, Mummy

Babess and I were in a cafe, waiting to have morning tea with a friend.  Babess had her “Baby” and a book, and had a fluffy to drink.  All of  a sudden she did a huge burp!

“Was that you?!” I could hardly believe it.  She giggled.  I grinned and reminded her, “You should say ‘excuse me’ if you do a big burp like that!”

Time passed, our friend arrived and we had morning tea and a good chat.  Babess had a bikkie and another fluffy (ahem!), and was drawing pictures on a piece of scrap paper I’d found in my handbag.

Then she interrupted our conversation.  “Excuse me, Mummy, excuse me Mummy, excuse me!”

“Yes, sweetie, what is it?”

She looked at me shyly.  “I did a little burp…”

© UpsideBackwards 2011.


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3 Responses to “Excuse me, Mummy”

  1. katepickle Says:

    aw gorgeous!

  2. Marita Says:

    Awww better manners than many an adult.

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