Daycare had a teachers-only day today, so Fainjin and Babess got an Australian-style five-day weekend.  The weather was absolutely foul, gale-force cold winds and frequent showers, but I had books and dvds to return to the library and three stir-crazy children, so off we went.

We did a little shopping first, and the gift-shop lady heard me extracting solemn promises of “amazingly wonderful extra-specially good behaviour” from the children in the doorway and laughed.  It worked, the kids were very good and didn’t touch anything toooo expensive.  It helped that I knew exactly what I wanted so we weren’t in there very long.  While gift-wrapping my purchase and simultaneously entertaining the children, the saleswoman explained that she used to be a new-entrant teacher (ie, of 5-year-olds).  I think she was probably very good at it.

Then to the library.  The little ones gleefully returned the books and dvds through their appropriate slots, and charged off to get new ones out.  Pearl was, if anything, slightly ahead of them.  It didn’t take long, and then of course we had to go upstairs to the cafe for a biscuit and a fluffy.

The first day after the Easter break, a cold wet day in the school holidays – of course the cafe was packed out.  We found a table quite quickly (luck!), and the kids agreed to sit there while I got the food and drinks.  We could see each other the whole time, but I was quite a little way away from them.  And the queue was long.  Getting the food wasn’t too bad, and I ferried it back to them, but the drinks took ages.  The kids sat so patiently, I was very proud of them.  The girls ate their biscuits, but Fainjin chose to wait, and sat there looking at his plate the whole time.

Finally I got the drinks and took them back, and we all enjoyed morning tea.  Then two ladies got up to leave from the table next to us.  To my surprise, they came up to me and both said they felt compelled to tell me how outstandingly well-behaved my children were.  They hadn’t realised at first that the kids were “on their own” at the table, and were very impressed, especially given how long they had had to wait for their morning tea.  They complimented the children directly, and said I must be doing a great job bringing them up.

What lovely ladies!  I blushed, and thanked them.  And after they’d gone, I thanked the children (again) for being so amazingly wonderful extra-specially good – as usual.

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4 Responses to “Recognition”

  1. Marita Says:

    Awww that is wonderful 🙂 well done children, well done Mama.

  2. Asta Burrows Says:

    How lovely!! 🙂

  3. Kelley @ Magnetoboldtoo Says:

    take the compliment and wear it like a badge of honour.

    They will be teenagers one day and this will keep you sane. 🙂

    • Kate @ upsidebackwards Says:

      That is why I blog – to remind myself later of all the awesomeness. 🙂 Well, that and the whole “keep the family/friends posted” thing.

      In ten years time they will all be teenagers at once. I’m scaaaared.

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