No surprises

It’s The Dad’s birthday tomorrow, and this morning the children and I went to a craft market with hopes of finding a present for him.  We found some lovely presents for other people too!  And then we found a stall selling hand-made crochet items for very reasonable prices.

Actually, Pearl found it while I was completing a sale at a different nearby stall.  She had wandered off a little bit, and when I caught up with her I found her chatting with the stallholder about the book she was carrying around (a big thick library book, with her finger marking her place, in case she got a chance to read a page or two while we walked around the market).  We looked at the hats, scarves and gloves, and Pearl pointed out a hat “that would be good for Daddy”.  Fainjin and Babess agreed, but the hat was too large.

The stallholder, a lovely grandmotherly type, brought out another hat, not-quite-finished, which was smaller.  I suggested we all go and have morning tea and return later to see if she’d had a chance to finish it, and she promised to work on it for us.

So we returned later to find it all ready and waiting and perfect.  We bought it, and carried on our way.  We walked along the waterfront looking at boats, and saw lots of other exciting things, and the memory of that particular purchase, amongst our other less-secret ones, faded.  Or so I thought.

We met The Dad and all piled into the car to go home.  We were very nearly there, and had been discussing what to have for lunch and how the afternoon’s arrangements would work out, when all of a sudden and apropos of nothing, Fainjin blurted out “Daddy we bought you a hat!”

There was a collective groan.  Luckily The Dad promised to be very forgetful, so the children are still expecting to surprise him with his present tomorrow.

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One Response to “No surprises”

  1. katepickle Says:

    ha ha ha love how little kids can’t keep secrets…

    Mine often come in from being in the shed with their father and say “Dad said not to tell you this but…. ” LOL

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