Birthday presents

I woke at 7:30 this morning.  I stared at the clock.  “Where are they all?” I asked The Dad, who was already awake.  “Still asleep, I assume,” he replied, and we both thought, “Oh, I hope no-one’s sick!”

We snoozed, listened to the news on the radio, read for a little bit, then about 8:15 or so there were stirrings.  We braced ourselves for the thunder of small feet.  We heard some quiet conversations, but no-one appeared.

There was a small procession to the bathroom.  “That’s curious,” I thought, but it seemed to be orderly and organised, so I stayed in bed.

Then Fainjin appeared, fully dressed!  “We are going to surprise you,” he confided.  Four-year-olds are terrible at keeping secrets.  “I’m already surprised!” I assured him.

Eventually, around 8:30, all three children came in to say good morning.  They were all dressed, and Pearl had done her hair.  They were very proud of themselves.  The Dad and I agreed that it was a very good birthday present.

We got up and went to the kitchen, where they “surprised” him with a lovely hat, and asked if they could have cake for breakfast (no, ‘cos I hadn’t made one yet).

Happy Birthday to The Dad!

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One Response to “Birthday presents”

  1. PanicMonster Says:

    very cute.

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