Mummy day

Fainjin has been asking for a “Mummy & Fainjin day” for quite a while.  It had to be put off over the school holidays (because obviously Pearl is around on those days), and then last week Babess had the bad manners to be sick on the day I had promised him.

Today, though, was his day.  He hasn’t had many, compared to Pearl who gets the school holidays to herself so far, and Babess who had every Monday with me last year.

We had a great time.  I had a few errands to run, and he amiably went along with them, and then we stopped at the library cafe for morning tea (his choice).  After that, it was off to the waterfront “to look for sharks”.  We didn’t find any there, but we went to the museum and they had one – although it wasn’t very active, of course.  The museum has several play-spaces, and we visited nearly all of them, building and making things, spotting skeletons, doing jigsaws and playing with puppets.

It felt so amazingly relaxed, to be there with just one child! We could do what he wanted, at his pace, no negotiating (or bickering!) with siblings, no running after anyone, no tantrums or meltdowns.  We pottered happily and enjoyed each other’s company.

One play-space had a basket of Lego. We stayed there for quite a while, no-one else was there so we had it all to ourselves.  Fainjin found a block with a picture of a lion on it, and put it near some “water” so it could drink.  Then he saw that some blocks had their colours in Maori printed on them.  He found all the ones with words on, and stuck them in a line near the lion.  Then he ran his finger along the words, carefully sounding out “Be… care…-ful… of… da… lion!”  One block had “ZOO” in larger letters.  He knew that large letters are loud, and put that one on the other side of the lion.  “Dat one says ‘ROOOOAR!'” he proclaimed.

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One Response to “Mummy day”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    One on one days are so wonderful 🙂

    You remind me I need to make time for more one on one days with my girls 🙂

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