Just in case there was any doubt…

I was getting Babess ready for bed, and we were idly chatting, as you do.  She started counting (her fingers, I think), “one… two…” and stopped.

“I’m two.”

“Yes, you are.  And next month you’ll be three.”

“Yeah! ‘Cos I having a birfday!”

“That’s right.  That will be fun, won’t it?”


“What would you like for your birthday, do you think?”

Her eyes went big and she beamed at me, her hands coming up around her face so very expressively.


That’s my girl.

© UpsideBackwards 2011.


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2 Responses to “Just in case there was any doubt…”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    :: high five ::

    Go Babess 😀

    • Kate @ upsidebackwards Says:

      To clarify 🙂 She doesn’t really want chocolate for her birthday. I’m sure she’d be delighted to get some, of course. But “your birthday” to her means “cake!!!”. She wants a chocolate cake for her birthday party. I had to laugh, though!

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