We have a problem

A guest post from The Dad.

Today we went to one of Babess and Fainjin’s favourite places – the library cafe. We might have gone anyway, but one of Pearl’s books was overdue so it was necessary to at least go to the library. We’d had a busy morning working in the garden and riding trikes and scooters, and the idea of a treat in the cafe before going to the library (which doesn’t open until 1pm on Sundays) was very appealing. The kids happily munched and drank their usual order, and Babess (who seems to have a perpetual runny nose) worked her way through a small packet of tissues. When they ran out, Fainjin turned to me and said “Dad! We have a problem!”. And he was quick to propose a solution – we had to go to a supermarket. Fortunately, I had more tissues in my bag, and Fainjin was sufficiently satisfied with this alternative solution to return to the usual cafe ritual of finishing his snack, waiting for Babess to finish hers, then taking her to the little inside playground.

As it was a very mild and sunny late autumn day, after visiting the library (making sure to complete all the shape puzzles while there) we went for a walk to the waterfront to look for orca. There had been a pod in the harbour a couple of days before, and it would have been very cool to see them, but they had moved on. But there were a lot of people walking and sitting in the sun, kayaking (the yellow ones were banana boats, Fainjin informed me) or paddle-boating. The kids clambered over rocks in the sea-wall,  played in the “telescope” playground, walked around the display house which runs on only solar power, and watched other kids on the bouncing bungy contraption. It seemed a shame to head home straight away, so we got gelati (strawberry for the kids, and Fainjin insisted he was big enough to have his in a cone, which turned out to be true) and ate them on the water’s edge, watching foolhardy teenagers jumping into the harbour and listening to a not-too-bad busker. Fainjin and Babess then entertained themselves climbing over some metal spheres and peering through the cracks in the decking at the rocks and water below. And then it was time to go home, going the long way around the bays to have another look for those orca.  Except Babess saw only the inside of her eyelids once we got in the car.

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