A wise investment

Before we left home, we arranged to get a new digital camera, just a little light one, so that Pearl and I could have one each during the trip.  She has her school blog to post to, and likes to take her own photos, so it seemed like a good idea.

It has worked out even better than we intended.  She has put it to a use I never thought of.

Lunar landing module, at the Air & Space Museum

On Friday, we went to the National Mall in Washington DC, and visited the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum and the Museum of American History.  Pearl took photos of everything.   That was more-or-less expected.  What I hadn’t expected was that when we visited the gift shops (I am a sucker for a good museum gift shop!), she didn’t even ask to buy anything.  She saw lots of things she liked – and simply took photos of them!

A snowglobe of the Jefferson Memorial with cherry blossoms, which we didn't have to buy

Good thinking, all round.

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One Response to “A wise investment”

  1. Marita Says:

    Clever clever Pearl. Fantastic investment.

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