The easy way to travel

Another guest post from The Dad.

Fainjin has not been well lately. He slept in on Wednesday morning, which is not a good sign for a boy who’s normally the first one up, keen for breakfast.  He eventually walked into the kitchen and fell asleep again on the floor. So I decided to keep him and Babess home – I didn’t want to risk putting Fainjin in the car to take Babess to daycare. He spent most of the day asleep on the couch, taking some sips of water, but brightened up at dinner-time and asked for pasta. He started wolfing it down, then gagged and brought the whole lot back up. He got through the night OK, then got up early, went to the toilet (at least he was sufficiently self-aware to remember his toilet-training), but started gagging again and vomited a little. So that’s at least a 48-hour stand-down from daycare, and the end of my week at work.

But there was some good news on Wednesday – Pearl, Fainjin and Babess got a new cousin! I told Babess, and her immediate response was “Is it for me? ‘Cos I don’t have enough babies”. I had to convince her it was a real baby, and we soon got photos so that she could see for herself.

We have had regular video chats with Kate and Pearl on their travels. This morning we were talking to them in Finland, which is 9 hours behind New Zealand but summer-time so the sun is up late. It was just getting light here, but we still needed the lights on. When Fainjin was told it was night-time there, and time for Pearl to go to bed, I didn’t think he would get it. But after the call ended, he walked over to the light-switch, turned it off, and announced “Now we’re in Finland!”. If only travel was that easy.  But the return of 4-year-old humour must mean he’s feeling well again.

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