I knew when I was planning our trip away that leaving the little ones behind would have consequences.

Babess has been very clingy to me this week.  She doesn’t want The Dad to do anything for her, and if he tries there’s a very loud “Nooooo!  Mummy do it!”  But she is getting more reasonable as time goes on, and I’m enjoying the extra snuggles.

Fainjin has taken advantage of the small concessions granted him while I was away, and has been demanding that the TV go on in the mornings and resisting wearing undies (he was in pull-ups for a few days during a tummy bug).  Firm boundaries have been re-established and I think we’ll soon be back on track.

But the most surprising thing for me has been seeing how much they have grown up in just under a month.  I suppose they do it all the time, but seeing them every day I don’t notice.  Babess is talking a lot more, she is very conversational and chatty now.  Fainjin is just more grown-up somehow, perhaps more thoughtful.  He enjoys describing his day to me and recalling things that have happened.  He also comes out with random pieces of wisdom – yesterday over breakfast he said, “Mum.  Jaguars are really good swimmers”, then went right on eating his cereal.

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