This morning Babess had dressed herself with Pearl’s help, and was wearing a bright red cheongsam which had been Pearl’s (courtesy of a friend in Singapore).  She looked utterly gorgeous, especially with her hair pulled back in a pony-tail.

But as the morning wore on, she found she couldn’t pull her legs up under it as is her wont when tired, and started to get scratchy.  I suggested we find her something else to wear, and she agreed to tights and a dress.

We got the tights on her, and she picked a dress, but baulked at having a shirt underneath.  The dress is sleeveless and designed to be worn over warmer underthings, but she wasn’t having a bar of it.  “I like to be cold!” she insisted.

I was cold just looking at her.

Eventually after intense negotiation and insistence on both our parts, I wriggled her into a long-sleeved shirt.  We left the dress off, in the end – no problem since we weren’t planning on going out at all.

Next time I looked in on her and Fainjin playing in the lounge, she had added a winter hat to the ensemble.  It’s a knitted helmet with a pompom on top, and ear-flaps.  Quite a sight with t-shirt and tights.

“I like it because it keeps my ears warm,” she said.

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